The heartwatch knows the Apple-clock

The heartwatch knows the Apple-clock
The heartwatch knows the Apple-clock

The heartwatch knows the Apple-clock

March 28, morning Apple’s neo-clock owners in 19 countries around the world wake up to watch. The watch is in the clock, or is the treatment? The latest buzz around the world is that Apple’s new clock is rocking.

Two new features have been added to the watch. Care of a feature carrier irregular heartbeat. The responsibility of the other is to present a detailed electronic picture or electrocardiography (ECG) of the heart. The second feature will mainly work to detect the ‘Heart Arithmia’ or ‘Attrial Fibrillation’ (AIFB) by detecting the heart rhythm of the heart.

From December last, these opportunities were in the hands of Americans. But before spreading globally, they decided to use the technology more carefully in terms of public health system. The watch has made a new debate. Controversy about how this will be done by medical doctors, such as A-Fib, or similar devices, such as the Alyvoco-

The best known name of the cardiovascular disease of Aipi If the upper chamber of the heart does not work in rhythm, then it appears that AFB In this, blood clots begin to bind in different parts of the heart. Generally, people with Afebie have five times more risk of stroke than any person. It is possible to treat these patients with blood transfusion. It is primarily due to the risk of excessive bleeding. Nearly 2 percent of people in the world are affected by AFFEBI. As the age progresses, the rate of suffering increases. Apple has come with a message of relief about this. The rich young men can now easily know through the clock that the heart’s heart is in control.

Professor Jonathan Mant of the primary care research department of Cambridge University conducted a study with more than 65 years of age. He wanted to see if it was possible to prevent stroke and other diseases, such as heart attack, even dementia (dementia), by reviewing AFFE. Dr. According to Mant, AFFE is scientifically important and claimable for medical treatment. But he believes there is no guarantee that the information available on the watch will be true. He said, “We do not really know what the consequences are going on.”

Some public health scientists have warned that assist in determining AFF showed many positive and negative results in this watch. This problem can lead to more serious formation in keeping with customer technology. Professor Karl Hagengun of Oxford University Professor of Medicine, said that new technologies bypass the normal maintenance system. This will ensure that the new screening program does not cause any harm. But he also expressed concern that due to wrong positive results, a lot of meaningless work will be created.

The latest ‘Apple Heart Study’ (Apple’s heart research) is managed by about 42,000 patients. The researchers wanted to see how the prediction was due to the irregular rhinitis problem. According to the Gold-standard method, the clock has 84 percent correct results. The main goal of the feature is to use the ECG app to immediately diagnose the carrier’s disease. According to a research conducted by a research firm with Apple, Apple’s algorithm found 98.3 percent correct positive and 99.6 percent of cases had the right negative results.

However, the clock’s curriculum did not have been evaluated as a test. The result may be the same because of traditional usage. There was probably a chance to get a bigger check on the clock. A new scheme is being planned for people under 65 years of age. It is very important to know how much the chances of getting infected with ephemeral Affebe and how frightening it can be. In this case, the clock can play a significant role with the necessary information.

UK’s special healthcare provider Matt Kearney acknowledged the current challenge with the watch. However, his claims, Apple’s watch will allow the user to become aware of his health risks. Apple’s watch will unveil the new horizons of young people’s health-that’s hoped for everyone.


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