The computer will be connected to the brain!

The computer will be connected to the brain!
The computer will be connected to the brain!

The computer will be connected to the brain!

Alon Mask has already recognized his own origins in the technology world. Massively known masks for work on future and aspirational projects like settlement of Mars, high speed hyperlink communication or automatic navigation. One more initiative has been added to his ambitious project. It is the communication between the human brain and the computer.

According to the NDTV report, a company named ‘Neurlink’ has already developed a mask for this purpose. Neurlink is working to connect people to the brain with computers. The company also has some visible improvements in this work. On 16 July, they organized a concert in San Francisco, USA. There they will be informed about their recent work.

Neuralink said in a tweet message, “It has been decided to show everyone a glimpse of what we did for the last two years.” The program will be broadcast live on the Internet.

Neurlink was founded in 2016 as a medical research company. At that time the company recruited all the nerves of the world’s Bagha Bagha. The company is now trying to create a fine instrument that can be installed in the brain. The device will help people to improve their memory or to communicate directly with the brain.

Elon Mask recently said, ‘I think, with the physical intelligence of computer and the computer’s digital intelligence will be one of the time.’ Mask believes that with the improvement of artificial intelligence, people should develop cyborgs (mixing people and machines).

Recent reports have claimed that Neurlink has been able to collect $ 39 million so far with plans to fund a $ 51 million fund. Earlier, neurlink was conducting a product test, which could connect the computer to a human brain with a chip.


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