Quantum computer research showing new super conductor path

Quantum computer research
Quantum computer research

Quantum computer research showing new super conductor path

There is a non-linear connection of electricity with temperature. There is a lot like this alal-dulal. If the ‘Alal goes to the right, it is left to the left.’ Alal is the temperature, and the electrical conductivity is that Dulal. That is, the higher the temperature, the lower the electrical conductivity. In this situation, scientists were danced for a long time like ‘Haji Chan’. Now it seems that the state was cut off. Because, finally, a concierge was found, whose electrical capacity was also relatively high in temperature. And through this high-tech research like Quantum Computer went ahead and stepped up.

The scientists first got in trouble when working with high-speed supercomputers or technology like Quantum Computer. They were not getting the trace of a super conductor, which could carry out electrical power without any deviation. But in the case of such technology it is very important. Not being available at all, it is not. It was going, but it was very low temperature. But scientists needed a conductive, which worked at roughly the room temperature. Now they have reached a much closer comparison. They have found a carrier that works as a supercontractor down to 23 degrees Celsius (-23 degrees Celsius). There are still many ways to be sure. But great achievement is undoubtedly.

Scientists previously found that the superconductors were found at temperatures below 240 degrees Celsius on the Celsius scale. As a result of the latest progress minus 73 degrees Celsius also saw a superintendent. But what has been found now is much better than this. One jump does not stop the 50 degree C of barriers. Super conductor is nothing but lanthanum superhydride. But it is not the face of the person seen. Although the scientists give relief to the temperature, it is not as comfortable as the pressure measure. Because this supercontractor is stable at 150-170 gigapascal pressure. How much is this pressure? Over 5 million times more pressure on the sea level! The eyes are like the head of the forehead. That is, while avoiding high budget considering the temperature, it is rising again as pressure. Yet, scientists are seeing this as a major development.

The superintendent of the University of Chicago and Max Planck Institute of Germany found a joint study conducted by scientists. The study was done at the University of Chicago Aragon National Laboratory. The research article published on May 23 in the research journal Nature. Members of the team of researchers are University of Chicago Professor Bitali Prasapenka and researcher Eran Greenberg. They see the properties of supercontact in high pressure under the lanthanum superhydride. Under the 23rd degree of zero in the Celsius scale, this compound is capable of transmitting electricity without any deviation, which also does not deviate even by magnetic field. They just did not recognize this feature, they also discovered its chemical structure.

Quoting research articles, Science Daily said that Lanthanum Superhighway has shown three characteristics of superconductivity at high pressure. In this there is very little resistance to electrical transmission. Its magnetic field also decreases its critical temperature (critical temperature). If there is some addition of isotope, then its temperature changes can be seen. The fourth feature is Missna Effect. If this feature is then the material can ignore any type of magnetic field. This special feature has not been found in Lanthanum Superheroes. Scientists say that the object he observed was very small, which was not possible to test whether this feature was there.

To find this superconductor, scientists have used advanced photon source, which uses high-power X-ray radiation. Scientists believe this discovery is a great achievement. Because there are many places in the world where minus 23 degrees Celsius is normal. But scientists want it to take it further. Scientists want to see at least zero degrees Celsius supercomputers.

Earlier, the super contractors found the scientists found that the lanthanum compound. But not hydride, hydride. The Ware states, in 2011, two Superconductors met in separate studies in the United States and Germany. Meanwhile, the US researchers said they had seen Superconductivity on the minus 15 degree Celsius scale at Lantenam Hydraide. However, it was necessary to create 190 gigantically pressure. On the other hand, Max Planck Institute researchers found superconductivity in the same composition at 150 gigantically pressure. However, it is below the level of 58.15 degrees Celsius on the Celsius scale.

In all, if the scientists find that the superintendent can find a superconductor on the normal surface temperature and relatively low pressure, then it will definitely bring a great change in technology. It will benefit from magnetic trains to Quantum computers till the technology.


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