What is Data?What is Information and about Database Management System?



Data is nothing but a fact or value of real world entities (objects or events). It may be concrete form such as a person or an abstract form such as an account number. It is the raw material of information.

Example: “Karim”, “A-101”, 6000.


Information is the processed form of data which is useful and more meaningful to the users.

Example: Result_Sheet.xls.


Database is a collection of interrelated data of a particular enterprise such as a banking database.

Example: Agrani_bank.mdb



Database Management System (DBMS):

A DBMS is one or more database and a set of programs (instructions) to  access (manipulate) data from those database.

Example- MS Access 2007, Oracle 10g  etc.

What is meant by Access or Manipulation of Data in a Database

By Access or Manipulation we mean four basic operations data in a database:

Insertion: To insert new data in a table.

Query: To Search data in a table.

Update: To update or upgrade data in a table.

Deletion: To delete existing data from a table.

Table: A table is a grouping of related data organized in columns and rows. Many tables can be stored in a single database.

Field: A field is a column in a table and it defines the data type of values in a table.


an Account table can have fields: Account_Name, Account_Number, Balance.

similarly, a Student table can have fields: Student_Name, Roll_Number, Marks.

Record: A record is a row in a table and it defines a set of values. Each record contains the data for one person as specified by the intersecting fields.


an Account table can have a record: Karim, A-101, 5000.

similarly, a Student table can have a record: Rahim , Raj -486, 780.

Database management system
                                Database management system

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