What is peripheral device?

Question: What is peripheral device?

Answer: The input-output devices are called peripheral devices. So, a keyboard is peripheral device. A monitor is also a peripheral device.

Input Devices

Question: What is an input device? Mention some names of common input  devices.

Answer: An input device is a device by which we can give or enter input to a computer system. Some common input devices are below:




4.OMR (Optical Mark Reader)

5.OCR (Optical Character Reader)

6.Barcode Reader



and so on


A keyboard is a typing machine for a computer. A standard IBM keyboard has 101 keys. The keys are grouped into different classes. These groups are as follows:

1.Function keys: F1-F12

2.Alphanumeric keys: A-Z, 0-9

3.Punctuation keys: , ; : . # $ ! etc.

4.Operators keys: + – = * / etc.

5.Bracket keys: ( [ }  etc.

6.Space keys: Spacebar, Delete, Backspace, Tab etc.

7.Special keys: Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Enter, Home, End etc.

8.Arrow keys: Left arrow, Right arrow, Down arrow, Bottom arrow


Mouse buttons-one button, two buttons, and three buttons.

Drag and Drop: To move a window from one place to another on the monitor by pressing mouse left button is called dragging or drag. After dragging to release the left button is called drop.


A scanner is an input device used to make a softcopy from a hardcopy. To scan a sheet (hardcopy) at first the sheet is placed oppositely on the glass of the scanner very much like a photocopier. Then, using a scanning software an image (softcopy) of the sheet is generated and saved in the computer memory. Block diagram of scanning mechanism is shown below:

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