What is Relativity and theory of relativity.


Question : What is inertial frame of reference ?

Answer : Any system moving at constant speer respect to each other and in which newton’s law can be achived are called inertial frame of reference.

Question: What is called non-enertial frame of reference?

Answer : The reference frame which are not moving with constant velocity with each other is that reference frames have acceleration are called non-enertial frame of reference.

Question : Postulate of relativity.

Answer :

  • The lows of physics are expressed in same form in all inertial frame of reference.
  • In free space the speed of light is the same in all inertial frame of reference.

Question : Discuss Michaelson-Morly experiment.

Answer : This experiment is carried out by Michaelson’s interferometer.According to ether hypothesis ether is flowing with a velocity v opposite to that of the earth considered at rest.We imagine the interferometer be in a position that the refracted beam is along the ether current and the reflected beam is along the direction perpendicular to it.

Question : Explain twin paradox.

Answer : Let us consider a apir of twins A and B.A remains on the earth while B is taken on a voyage into space and brought back to the earth.B starts his voyage at the age of 20 years and comes back after 70 years.At this moment A is 90 years old while B is surprisingly 30 years young.

A and B can be regarded as two identical biological clocks.The heart beats and respirations of A and B constitute the two identical biological clocks.The heart beats and respirations of B become slower while moving into the space.That is why B spends a smaller age and remains younger.

Question : What is relative length ?

Answer : The length or distance is not absolute.It decreases with the velocity.For a certain velocity it becomes


Question : What do you mean by relative mass ?

Answer : The mass of a body is not absulate.It depends on velocity of the body.It increases with the velocity.

Question : State special theory of relativity.

Answer : Special theory of relativity

  • The velocity of light is constant at all frame of reference.
  • The physical laws are identical in all frame of reference.

Question : State General theory of relativity

Answer : In general theory he expressed his scientific and philosophical views regarding motion of planets ,star,comets & gravity and structure and composition of the universe.

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